Friday, June 5, 2015

Alice in Wonderland 3D Nail Art

Long time no see! It's been almost two months since I last posted anything here, but I'm back with good news. Another award!! I won 1st place for Nail Design! I'm so excited and I want to share my experience with you!

The beauty school I attended, "Eva Beauty Studies", hosted its 8th Annual Competition on June 3rd with the theme: Fairytales, Cartoons and Comics. Groups of three were formed to work on a model with the theme of their choice, in order to present a total look. Each person specialized in Hair Styling, Nail Design and Makeup. There were 18 groups and 4 awards: 1) Best Hair Styling, 2) Best Nail Design, 3) Best Makeup, 4) Best Total Look and plenty of gifts for the winners.

All groups had amazing ideas and put a lot of effort in their work! Unfortunately I didn't manage to take pictures because it was crazy! You can check "Eva Beauty Studies" facebook page, they'll be uploading pictures during the next days if you are interested.

My theme was Alice in Wonderland. In the first competition I participated (post here) I was mesmerized by all the awesome 3D nail art that I had seen and I decided that I had to try it ! So what better opportunity than this? I got to see the Disney Movie again, to take screenshots. (I admit, I saw it more than once and really enjoyed it!!) And started working!

Making this kind of 3D nail art was a new thing for me, up until now I had only done flowers. It was a very time consuming process because of all the details I wanted to put in the pieces. But all in all it was very creative and worth all the time spent on them!! Enough with my blabbing, let the picture shower begin!!

I had to sculpt really long acrylic nails for all the pieces to fit properly. So here is a picture before everything was attached to the nails.

And after..

And some close-ups...

Last but not least a picture of my beautiful team! And a special thank you to our model for being so patient!! (Just in case you were wondering, I'm the one on the right.)


  1. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how you created your bottle and your teapot I have a competition on the 3rd of June ironically and after I picked my book(alice in wonderland tim burton) your nails inspired me I've made a bottle but I'm Not happy with it we are on an intensive course and have to find people to do costume hair makeup and I do the nails and props we only have 5 weeks to put our mood board and nails together aswell as practice normal everyday nails so would be forever greatful for tips, guidance or a video would be massively helpful I'm Working with acrylic and then can also use this on my mood board too :) many thanks xx thanks so much for taking the time to read this xx

    1. Hi Amy!I'm so glad to hear that I inspired you for your competition!!
      For both the bottle and the teapot you'll need to use something as a mold to get a basic shape and then build little by little.
      For the bottle, I folded a nail form into a cylinder and sculpted around it for the basic shape. On a separate nail form, I sculpted the bottom & top part of the bottle. Once my cylinder was dry, I attached the top & bottom to it with my acrylic. You'll probably need to file it to smooth everything out. And you could also fill it with water or something else for a more realistic look.
      For the teapot I used play-doh to make a round shape and sculpted on top of it to make the bottom part first. Once dry I removed the play-doh. Same way you can make the lid. Now for the little parts such as the handle etc you'll have to sculpt them separately and attach them to the basic shape one at a time. The whole process is like putting a puzzle together and once you make a few pieces you'll get the hang of it. I'm sure there are many other things you could use as a mold. That's just what I used and it doesn't necessarily mean it's the right way or the only way.
      I hope that was helpful.
      I wish you good luck and I'd love to hear about the results and take a look at your entry! ;)

  2. Hi. Love the sculptures you created here.

    Can you tell me how you created the flowers and the cat,please ?
    I can imagine it was hard work to create them.