Thursday, November 6, 2014

Leopard Print Nail Art

Since I already had a nice brown base on my nails from the previous post, I decided to get a little wild...And do a leopard print design! I didn't do all of my nails because it would probably be too much. Not that it isn't too much with all that bling going on...But hey, sometimes a girl needs a little more bling to have some fun!

For the leopard print, I made dots with the brown polish in different sizes and I used a black polish and a dotting tool to make random "C" and "O" shapes around the dots. On my middle finger, I did a half moon and finally I decorated all fingers with round and square studs that I got from ebay.

Normally I wouldn't use a top coat over these studs, but unlike the rhinestones that are flat, they are hollow at the bottom and they'll come of easily if you don't seal them. Oh! And a little tip on the leopard print: Don't overthink it, leopard spots are always different!

Generally,  I'm very pleased with the design, although it kinda bothers me that the leopard prints are off center. Then again, that might just be me going crazy over it. I'll just have to work on that. :)

Polishes used:

OPI Nail Envy Maintenance Nail Strengthener
Orly - Prince Charming
Essence - Dare it Nude
Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

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