Friday, October 17, 2014

Orly Sand Castle Simple Nail Art Design

In the previous post I promised you a simple nail art design and...Ta daaa!!!
Since I already had Sand Castle on my nails, I figured it would look really nice with black details. So, I tried to keep things simple, yet very chic and elegant.

I used a striping tape (from ebay) to make the lines on my index, middle and ring finger and painted on top with a black polish. I decorated my thumb and pinky with black rhinestones (from ebay), 3 on each nail.

I know a lot of nail bloggers/artists say it's better to take the striping tape off immediately before the polish dries, but it doesn't really work for me. I prefer to take it off once the polish is completely dry, to get a crisp line. Which in this case didn't happen, because I wasn't patient enough and my lines got a little smudged!

Normally my "ocd" would kick in, but instead of removing everything and starting all over again...I decided to be brave, touch it up and show it to you anyway. So, please be gentle!

And for all of you who would like to try this, I would suggest trying to take off the striping tape both ways, to see what works best for you. If things go wrong, no big deal! Practice makes perfect and let's not forget that it's all about being creative and having fun!

Polishes used:

OPI - Nail Envy Maintenance Nail Strengthener
Orly - Sand Castle
Essence - Black Is Back
Essence - Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

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